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User Roles & Rules

Your assigned role determines what you have access to/can do within SECTARA. In the case of Assessor and Viewer roles, this will usually be fairly limited, as these roles are ordinarily used to allow someone access to their account for a specific/narrow reason/task (i.e. to complete or view an assessment).

In addition, there are three administrator types:

  • Account Administrator: can see and change/delete anything (they can also copy assessments from/to any organisation/business unit within an account). They can also assign criteria that they create to all, some or only single organisations.
  • Organisational Administrators: hav enearly full control over their organisation (and everything within/below it). They cannot delete the organisation, however, and they see the Account Administrator’s criteria, Asset Categories or Risk Types (if they’ve been assigned to that or all organisations – per above).

    Where an Organisational Administrator has been assigned to multiple organisations, the same rules apply. A key thing to note here is that an Organisational Administrator can set the logo for organisations that they’ve been assigned to. If assigned to multiple organisations, they’ll see the account logo when visiting ‘common’ areas, but then will see each organisation’s logo when they visit organisation-specific areas (e.g. assessments, analytics etc.) The selected logos will also appear on assessments exported from the system.

  • Business Unit (BU) Administrators: have similar privileges as an Organisational Administrator, but obviously at the business unit level (and for those sub-business units below it). BU Admins cannot save items to libraries, nor can they create/edit criteria – this is the role of the Organisational Administrator.