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Criteria Library

The Criteria Library is where sets of criteria (that are used within assessments) are stored, and where you can create new sets using the default ones as inspiration (you can also do this on the fly within an assessment).

Whenever a new assessment is created, the account’s default sets are copied into each assessment by default, which is ideal where an organisation requires all assessments to adopt specific criteria (e.g. from an Enterprise Risk Management Framework or similar).

That said, administrators still have the freedom to change criteria from the default within the assessment, and even tweak the (copy) of the default criteria once  it has been loaded. If you do, these changes will only be saved to that assessment – they will not affected the library version (as it’s a copy of the library set).

And because it’s a copy of the library set, once a set of criteria has been loaded into an assessment, changes to criteria sets within the Criteria Library will not impact assessments that previously used that criteria.