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Apply your Logo(s)

If you’re an Account Administrator, did you know that you can white label/change the SECTARA logo that displays at the top left of screen?

Just click My Logos on the User Menu and make sure to upload a logo that is no larger than the dimensions indicated. If you’re not sure how to do this using your own software, try using a free online tool to do it – here are some easy to use examples:

As the Account Administrator, you can also upload a separate logo that appears in the header of assessments exported to MS Word, or use the same one again (logos set for individual organisations apply to both – the system and exported documents). Setting a different logo is useful where you are preparing an assessment for another entity and need their logo to be displayed.

Account and Organisational Administrators can manage the logo for individual organisations – once set, members of that organisation will only see the logo that has been set for it. Organisational Administrators will see the button to change the logo at the top right of screen, once they access an organisation from the Home Page.

Where an Organisational Administrator has been assigned to multiple organisations, they will see whichever logo has been set for each, when accessing organisation-related records (assessments and associated business units etc.) If they return to a ‘common’ area (e.g. the Home Page), they will see the logo that has been set, by the Account Administrator, for the Account.