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User Menu

The User Menu (top right of screen) offers functionality relevant to the user, including access to (some items are only visible to the Account Administrator):

  • Change Plan: allows Account Administrators to change plans directly, if the account is a standard plan. If a custom/Platinum Plan, the Account Administrator must contact SECTARA to do this.
  • My Account: allows Account Administrators to view and manage their account.
  • My Profile: allows users to review their profile to see the roles that they have been allocated and to change their password.
  • My Logos: enables the Account Administrator to replace the SECTARA logo with their own brand, and also to insert a logo to be used in exporting assessments in MS Word – the logo can be replaced at any time but must meet the following specified dimensions and specifications:
    • Allowed format: *.jpg, *.png, *.gif, or *.bmp
    • Maximum file size:
      • 500 KB.
      • 230 x 100 px (rectangle).
      • 100 x 100 px (square).
  • My Filter: enables users to set their preference for displayed content on the Landing Page. By default this is set to display organisations whenever a user visits the page.
  • Logout: Allows users to log out of SECTARA – for complete assurance on public computers, users should ensure that they also close all browser windows. Users will also be automatically logged out if a SECTARA session is left idle for 15 minutes. If using multiple tabs, this will be calculated on the last tab opened.