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SECTARA Security

When building SECTARA we knew that security needed to be bulletproof – the type of information saved to the platform is naturally highly sensitive for most. In addition to a Government accredited host, we use multi-factor authentication, are IRAP compliant (exponentially above and beyond the industry/ISO 27001 standard), grant only two administrators access to the back end of our system (both of whom hold high-level Australian Government security clearances). In addition, all data is encrypted at rest (in the database) and in transit (to and from your browser) using high-grade encryption methods. We also don’t send your data outside out tenancy (e.g. to 3rd party/integrated providers) in unencrypted form.

This means that the system and your data is protected to the highest standards available and only your authorised account users can see your Sensitive Data – not us or anyone else.

All data created is stored within an Amazon Web Services data centre in Sydney, Australia – no data is stored outside the country. This means that, if you are an Australian subscriber, you have complete assurance over data residency (indeed, this is an IRAP requirement).

If you are from another country, you have the assurance that world-class standards are applied to any data that is hosted here. We are constantly looking at regional AWS hubs to extend to, in order to offer the same data sovereignty assurances to international clientele; if you have a such a need and would like us to extend to your country/region, Contact Us and let us know.