SECTARA is the most advanced and logical security risk management platform available today.

Packed full of everything you need, it comes ready to go.

Intuitive & Consistent

An intuitive, user-friendly system that enables users to perform advanced security risk assessments rapidly, while using a consistent approach each time.

Stunning Interface

Stunning user interface and extremely simple navigation, and wow-factor interactive visual reporting for detailed analysis and powerful debriefs to management.

Logical & Compliant

Designed to surpass the requirements of ISO 31000, HB 167:2006 and ISO 27005. The sensible logic through the assessment process is unmatched on the market today.

Interactive visual reporting

Visual analytics enable users to conduct powerful debriefs, and step audiences through the logic of each assessment.

Any scope, any industry

Protective AND cyber-security, events, buildings, precincts, operations, travel…SECTARA has been designed so as to be applicable to every industry.

Four user types

Organisational Administrator, Business Unit Administrator, Assessor and Viewer – affording extensive control over the system.


Collaboration is assured,  you can create a view user to enable others to see individual assessments, including auditors.

Data libraries

Users can draw from growing data libraries, meaning enormous gains in productivity for those who carry out assessments routinely.

Simple and easy to use

Extremely powerful and intuitive search, filter, sort tables renders everything in the system at your fingertips.

How SECTARA works

Taking a standards-based approach to security risk management means that some users will already be familiar with the elements involved in the process. Where SECTARA differs is how we've put them together, how powerful each component is, and how easy it is to move through the simple, step-by-step process.

1. Configure an Assessment

The first steps is to set the assessment up, including assessor(s) and criteria.

2. Assessment Context

The Assessor then documents External, Internal and Risk context narrative.

3. Asset Assessment

An Asset Criticality Assessment is conducted, tailored to the scope.

4. Threat Assessment

Threat Actors and associated Threat Acts are documented, aligned to assets.

5. Risk Control Effectiveness

Categories of risk controls and their relative effectiveness are defined.

6. Security Risk Register

An interactive, pre-populated Security Risk Register is completed.

7. Debrief in Analytics

Debrief stakeholders using advanced visual analytics and metrics.

8. Export & Treat

Options to export assessment in MS Word and/or create treatment plans.

Key Global Security Risk Management Standards
SECTARA's Level of Alignment with each

Aligns to International Best Practice for Security Risk Management

  • ISO 31000 – Risk management
  • Standards Australia’s Handbook 167 – Security risk management
  • ISO 27005 – Information security risk management
  • Universal Security Management Systems Standard 2017
  • Security Risk Management Body of Knowledge
  • National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Framework
  • Australian Government Protective Security Policy Framework


There are alot of reasons to like SECTARA - we've included a list of the key ones below.

It’s the most advanced system of its kind, but the easiest to use.
Simple, online internal and external (assessors/auditors) collaboration.
Video-based instructional guidance relating to all aspects of the system.
Our monthly pricing is unbeatable, SECTARA really is great value.
100% standards-based assurance, indeed SECTARA is best practice.
Hosted within an Australian Government accredited data centre.
The entire system has been designed by the security risk experts.
With four user types you have complete control over who does what.
SECTARA is the system of choice for advanced risk practitioners.
No more major annual/biannual spend on security risk consultants.
Help is at the end of the phone for Enterprise clients, at no cost.
SECTARA’s parent company can also assist if you need consulting help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is SECTARA able to be used in countries other than Australia?

Absolutely. As a SaaS/cloud-based platform SECTARA can be accessed from anywhere. Even better, you can have confidence in Amazon Web Services’ Australian Government accredited environment and know that all data is protected to a high degree of assurance.

Is there any training available?

Free online instructional videos have been embedded within SECTARA and you can access them by clicking the ‘Getting Started’ button on the landing page. Enterprise subscribers are also entitled to a free workshop as part of their subscription.

Beyond this, training can be tailored and provided for any aspect of security  on a fee-for-delivery basis at any time. Please contact us for details.

Are there any discount arrangements for subscribers?

Yes. Enterprise subscribers are entitled to a 10% discount on fees if annual payments are made, rather than monthly subscription payments.

Does SECTARA have any restrictions?

The only restrictions on SECTARA relate to the type of subscription that has been selected and the things that different user types are authorised to do.

Who has access to my data?

Only two SECTARA administrators have access to live data.

What arrangements exist to protect privacy?

Our Privacy Policy details how we manage obligations under the Privacy Act 1988.

What happens if a force majeure event occurs?

SECTARA data is backed up in real-time within AWS, meaning that, if a major unforseen event does occur, data will be restored within agreed timeframes.

What happens if the question I want answered isn't here?

Contact us to ask it and we’ll also update the FAQ section to include it for anyone else who has the same question.