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Background to SECTARA

SECTARA was originally created for security risk practitioners who were frustrated with the lack of advanced security risk assessment (specific) tools. Performing assessment using MS Office products, in particular, can be a tedious process, plagued by styling/formatting problems, layout selection and the routine need for reverse engineering to assure logic throughout.

Such methods are not particularly collaborative, present data security concerns and often drift beyond the bounds of recommended standards and their methodologies (because we are all human). Moreover, existing enterprise risk systems tend to be generic and security risk practitioner’s needs remain very specific. It’s also difficult to get IT and expenditure approval for internally hosted systems, especially ones that are not core business.

Later, and in view of the distinct similarities between threat and hazard risk assessments, the platform evolved to accommodate both, and in the process became a truly ‘converged’ environment for assessing all types of enterprise risk, while still maintaining an industry leading and pragmatic security pedigree. In fact we lead industry in this unique value proposition – an enterprise risk management platform that includes the tools that specialist security, health and safety and others need to perform their roles.

Moreover, methodologies detailed within all leading global security standards have been accounted for within the system, in a way that addresses the needs of the most advanced practitioners, but also keeps it simple for those new to the trade.