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Hazard Criteria

Hazard criteria is used to assess ‘Hazard Events’ within the same stage of the assessment that threats are assessed. The criteria has been designed for broadest application, but all content can of course be adjusted to meet the needs of each account/assessment.

Within each assessment, this criteria is able to be viewed by clicking the “Show Criteria” button at top right of screen.





Hazard criteria includes an ‘Event Tolerance’ setting that allows users to define which Hazard Events automatically create risks in the Risk Register. For example, if the tolerance is set to ‘Benign’, only those Hazard Events that are rated at or above this level will cause a risk to be created within the Risk Register (ordinarily, and if set to its lowest level, all Hazard Events will cause a risk to be created).

The purpose of this is to enable assessors to maintain a focus on Hazard Events/risks that are most significant, while keeping a record of all Hazard Events for future review. Should a Hazard Event rating be increased at any time in the future, it will then automatically create a risk that must be addressed…true risk management in practice!