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Navigation Pane

The vertical Navigation pane appears to the left of screen and has the three horizontal (hamburger) bars at the top. When clicked, the items on the menu carry out the following functions:

  • Home: Returns you to the Landing Page.
  • Analytics: Takes you to the analytics page, where you can find an assessment and display data contained in within a Risk Heat Map, and Asset, Threat and Risk Control Charts.
  • Organisations: Filters the Landing Page to display Organisations only.
  • Business Units: Filters the Landing Page to display Business Units only.
  • Users: Filters the Landing Page to display Users only.
  • Assessments: Filters the Landing Page to display Assessments only.
  • Criteria Library: Displays the Criteria Library, within which you can access, modify and save Default Criteria under new names (relating to Asset Criticality, Threat, Risk Control Effectiveness and Risk).
  • Assessment Library: Displays the library of content that has been saved for use within assessments.
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