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Page Elements and Functionality

The Landing Page is the ‘hub’ for SECTARA, offering the immediate ability to find anything in the system quickly and with certainty that, if you cannot find it here, it has not been created (or your role type is not authorised to view it). The Landing Page is designed to be clean and sleek and contains the following elements:

  • Navigation Menu: Left of screen – on hover displays links for quick access to key areas of SECTARA.
  • Top Search Bar: Top of screen – a rapid search function to find anything in the system.
  • User Menu: Top right corner of screen – allows users to view their user record, change password, set their Landing Page filter, upload a logo for exported assessments and logout. Also enables Account Administrators to change plans.
  • Create (button): Clicking this button allows Administrators to create different types of records in the system.
  • Dashboard (icons): These blue icons display the number of key records in the system.
  • Sort-Filter-Search (table): This powerful table enables users to find any record in the system that they are authorised to have access to (by virtue of user type and roles). The filtering row at the top of the table incorporates smart-search/filter-on-the-fly functionality, and enables users to ignore Inactve records, or to see all records in the search.
  • Tutorials: This is the orange icon at bottom right of screen – click it to see contextual help based on which page you are on.