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Deleting/Delete your Account

If you are an Account Administrator and wish to delete your account you can do so by clicking the User Menu, then My Account. Once here you will be able to access the account deletion button by clicking on Plan Details. In doing this make sure that you understand the impacts, such as:

  • This will permanently remove your account from our servers, including all associated data.
  • All organisations, business units, users, assessments, libraries and your sub-domain will be permanently deleted.
  • If you have created any users, and if those users have created any users, anything that they have created in the system will also be permanently deleted.
  • You will not be able to log into SECTARA unless you create a new account, and your sub-domain may be taken by another user in the interim.

If you are considering deleting your account because your plan limits are not sufficient (and you don’t wish to upgrade), please do Contact Us as we’d love to hear your feedback. We may also be able to help with alternative options that you may not have considered.