Tailored & Scalable Risk Assessment Software

Security risk assessments are not always of a high standard, nor do they represent truly tailored & scalable risk assessment software. There’s great variance in levels of competency across the industry, and the standards being referenced are not always the most suitable, nor are they necessarily strictly adhered to.

Moreover, security managers and consultants typically seek the ability to modify the tools that they use, so that they can be applied in different contexts. This is not always practical when using MS Office style products, such as Word and Excel, or other software products.

The Risk Assessment Problem

Responsibility for conducting security risk assessments is often delegated to staffers who have had little training and are expected to carry out an effective assessment based on a pre-supplied template. There are also some consultants that consider the risk assessment stage the entry point for follow-on services and may be tempted to want to move past it quickly (and without the quality and attention it deserves).

Separately, security risk assessment methods are reasonably well defined within multiple standards. Multiple practitioners have even created complex MS Excel worksheets that define the process, but for the average practitioner, MS Excel is difficult to use and often it is not easy to modify an existing template.

Moreover, traditional MS Office tools do not scale, you cannot save content to internal libraries, and major rework is required each time the criteria/method changes. In the past they have been intended to be used on a single user (at a time) basis and have offered little control over who can do what across an organisation, once shared.


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Why the Security Software Problem Exists

As many who have researched security risk software will know, developers have focused on the largest part of the market – generic/enterprise risk management. This is understandable, given that this environment is where the best returns can be found.

For too long, both entry-level and expert security risk assessors have been left without specialist tools and there is an absence of enterprise products that can cater for the specific needs of security practitioners.

Key SECTARA Methodological Benefits

SECTARA assures a high standard of assessment, every time. This is achieved through offering a suitable degree of flexibility in various aspects, but otherwise enforcing a standards-based approach in a step-by-step process at all times.

There is no longer a need to look for unsuitable templates that need to be reconfigured to suit each new assessment context. SECTARA caters for all the needs of the major standards, while offering the ability to scale based on organisations, users and assessments within each account.

How you benefit from SECTARA

  • Demonstrate best practice in your security risk assessments and gain the attention and confidence of your stakeholders in the process.
  • Manage access for an unlimited number of users, including:
    • Account Administrator.
    • Organisational Administrator.
    • Business Unit Administrator.
    • Assessor (ideal for those who need to complete assessments for you).
    • Viewer (ideal for 3rdparty reviewers).
  • Scale your account to include an unlimited number of assessments, organisations and business units.

How to get started with SECTARA

If you see the same great benefits that we do in SECTARA, there are several methods to get started:

As a valued subscriber, you will be comprehensively supported via our Ticketing System and Knowledge Base, and you can still always contact us direct when you need to. Best of all, all subscribers are entitled to a free copy of the Security Risk Management Aide-Memoire (SRMAM) when they register (applies to both free and paid plans). SRMAM was written by Julian Talbot, the original author of SRMBoK.

We look forward to seeing you on SECTARA!