Traditional security management and risk assessment methods don’t usually allow for ideal real-time collaboration with others. In an increasingly dispersed working environment, this limits productivity and, ultimately, quality.

The Security Risk Management Collaboration Problem

Generally speaking, the more frequently team members can collaborate on project deliverables, the more likely they will be to meet the high-quality needs of their stakeholders. This is limited when it comes to preparing security risk assessments however, as the tools have, until now, not been available to facilitate such collaboration.

Why the Problem Exists

As canvassed in several other pieces, the lack of specialist security risk assessment software platforms for security management has limited the ability to make any great advances in this speciality area. As such, the ability to achieve genuine real-time input has been restricted.

Key SECTARA Productivity Benefits

With the release of SECTARA however, subscribers, including security risk assessors and others, can all work on the same assessment in a coordinated manner. Group reviews can be performed collectively, comments can be used to mark-up text, and changes can be facilitated during group briefings to security management.

This is of great value to any project team, but especially so when working remotely/lacking the ability to meet in person. Also, and unlike web-conferences, you don’t even have to be online when others are reviewing the current body of work.


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How Security Management benefits from SECTARA

  • Higher quality content through socialised reporting and recommendations in assessments.
  • Ability for managers to monitor and adjust/redirect efforts in real-time.
  • Better security management communication, sharing of ideas, transparency and confidence in the process.
  • A truly global teamwork-based security risk assessment environment.

How to get started with SECTARA

If you see the same great benefits that we do in SECTARA, there are several methods to get started:

As a valued subscriber, you will be comprehensively supported via our Ticketing System and Knowledge Base, and you can still always contact us direct when you need to. Best of all, all subscribers are entitled to a free copy of the Security Risk Management Aide-Memoire (SRMAM) when they register (applies to both free and paid plans). SRMAM was written by Julian Talbot, the original author of SRMBoK.

We look forward to seeing you on SECTARA!