Demonstrated Value to Security Stakeholders

The value of a security risk management platform over traditional methods in strongly evident multiple areas. Productivity gains, the ability for exponential increases in collaboration and overall cost reductions in risk processes are only a few of the benefits. For security consultants, the value extends even further, enabling the creation of value-add relationships with clients, and the ability to white label, and present as your own, a very capable platform where it would otherwise be unaffordable to do so.

The Risk Management Problem

The past absence of a product like SECTARA has limited a large portion of the security risk assessor market from accessing such a specialist tool. Offering a month-to-month subscription model, rather than demanding a traditionally long-term investment, also highlights the lack of past options.

Further, those in corporate roles who have had the security risk management platform budget had often been compelled to adopt generic risk management platforms designed for enterprise risk, which do not cater for the very specific needs of security.


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Why the Risk Management Problem Exists

Put simply, the problem exists because there has been an absence of risk management products like SECTARA in the market. The reason for this is that developers have focused on where the largest audience and returns are – enterprise risk software.

Key SECTARA Value Proposition

At last glance SECTARA was the first security risk assessment platform to collectively:

  • Assure methodological rigour in every assessment – to best practice standards.
  • Be hosted within a Government accredited data centre/environment.
  • Enable collaboration across teams during the assessment process.
  • Be designed and backed by security risk experts, not just software developers.
  • Incorporate field level encryption for Sensitive Data security.
  • Minimise the need for annual spend on new security risk assessments.
  • Remove the headaches associated with working with MS Office products.
  • Promise major productivity gains for managers and consultants.
  • Enable white labelling for consultants to offer the software as their own.
  • Allow corporate security managers to ensure that consultants are not saving/exporting assessments to non-secure computers/outside of an assured network.
  • Require minimal onboarding training and deliver this within the product.
  • Be offered via a Software as a Service (SaaS) model for maximum convenience.
  • Allow users to choose between no-commitment monthly or annual subscription.
  • Offer an absolutely Free Plan.

How you benefit from SECTARA

SECTARA subscribers enjoy all of the benefits implied above, and more. One of those additional outcomes is that you’ll now be demonstrating a best-practice approach to security risk management, and your stakeholders will recognise and appreciate this.

In the process they will be able to understand the process that has been applied because SECTARA is so logical and easy to follow. This is often key in convincing those who approve business cases within a corporate environment, and clients who engage the services of a consultant.

How to get started with SECTARA

If you see the same great benefits that we do in SECTARA, there are several methods to get started:

As a valued subscriber, you will be comprehensively supported via our Ticketing System and Knowledge Base, and you can still always contact us direct when you need to.

We look forward to seeing you on SECTARA!