Productivity in Security Risk Assessments

Maximising your productivity in the process of completing a security risk assessment can be a challenge – many assume that it will take as long as it takes, while others underestimate and overshoot the mark. What if you could slice off hours with security risk assessment software, if not days, on your next risk assessment? If this appeals, then read on…

The Productivity Problem With Security Risk Assessments

If like many others you have used MS Word or even Excel to prepare a risk assessment (or indeed any other form of lengthy report) then you will have experienced the angst that can arise when styling, formatting and shuffling material. It seems never ending and can be extremely frustrating.

Then there is the challenge of making sure that your lines of argument are consistent throughout, especially when a change is made towards the end of the process. This often requires a micro process review to ensure that logic is consistent, and findings continue to be credibly supported by your previous arguments.

Why the Productivity Problem Exists

The main reason this is a challenging issue is because of the lack of rules and automation in MS Office products. To be fair, they were not designed to perform such complex tasks in the first place. Compounding the problem has been the absence of accessible, specialist tools, without spending a fortune on a bespoke solution.

Key SECTARA Risk Assessment Productivity Benefits

SECTARA provides security risk assessors with a formatting-free environment, while assuring logic in real time. There is no need to revert back through an entire report to ensure that consistency and alignment have been achieved – this is assured as each assessor enters content into the system.

SECTARA also enables administrators and assessors to create, review and edit all your risk assessments in much less time. This is achieved through a streamlined system for setting up a new assessment, a simple five-stage assessment process, and the ability to quickly enter components/content without having to scroll through an entire report to see where it best fits.

Moreover, libraries of assessment content mean that you can quickly insert previously saved assets, threats, controls and treatments. This gives you the opportunity to scan a long list of material before creating your shortlist for each assessment. In doing so the usual conundrum of “…what have I forgotten to consider?” is easily addressed.

Even better, once you have entered content in the early stages of the risk assessment, relevant aspects of it are automatically populated in the security risk register to save you time; the extent of this can be based on rules that you control.

Depending on your use case, there are a range of other methods through which SECTARA can save you significant time and expense, freeing you up to move on sooner to similarly important tasks.


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How you benefit from SECTARA

The productivity benefits within SECTARA’s security risk assessment software are among the most appealing aspects of the platform but are certainly not the only ones. Assuming that you favour (suitably quality assured) rapid progress in your assessment work, then you’ll appreciate how SECTARA can help you to improve in both quality and quantitative terms.

For example, SECTARA enables you to save time by:

  • Exploiting the power of built-in logic assurance, so that you don’t have to focus on it.
  • Drawing from libraries for both quality assurance and content.
  • Finding any past risk assessment quickly through keyword search.
  • Copying and pasting previous assessments so that they may be repurposed.
  • Enabling you to undertake real-time checking of an assessor’s work and redirecting them.
  • Allowing you to create and save unlimited sets of criteria applicable to any scope.
  • Automatically creating visually appealing charts and graphs for each assessment.
  • Finding and managing your organisation’s users quickly.
  • Setting a dashboard filter so that you see what you want every time you’re on the landing page.

After saving all that time, you can still export your assessments to MS Word if you need to (e.g. for issuing to a stakeholder for review), but our preferred option would be to add others as “Viewer” users in the system and debrief them directly from it.

How to get started with SECTARA

If you see the same great benefits that we do in SECTARA, there are several methods to get started:

As a valued subscriber, you will be comprehensively supported via our Ticketing System and Knowledge Base, and you can still always contact us direct when you need to. Best of all, all subscribers are entitled to a free copy of the Security Risk Management Aide-Memoire (SRMAM) when they register (applies to both free and paid plans). SRMAM was written by Julian Talbot, the original author of SRMBoK and co-designer of SECTARA’s security risk assessment software.

We look forward to seeing you on SECTARA!