We were Platinum sponsors at the PSG Conference this year – here are our key takeaways.

The Protective Security in Government Conference organised by the Australian Security Research Centre was held on the 1st and 2nd of November 2023. Over the two days of the conference, a total of eight panel discussions were held with the attendance of experts from across the industry addressing a variety of interesting and topical subjects. 

A consistent theme was present relating to the need for stronger engagement between the government and industry about security and the risks arising in this area.

SECTARA CTO’s presentation

Our Chief Technology Officer, Julian Talbot delivered a very informative presentation about risk management in the contemporary landscape.

Titled “Protecting our Future: Applying Risk Management to Combat 21st Century Security Threats”, it provided valuable insights about modern risk management strategies and how they can be used to enhance security measures and counteract threats in today’s rapidly evolving security environment globally.

Takeaways from what we learned

As for PSPF-related changes, we heard from Home Affairs that the ‘OFFICIAL’ is set to become a security classification in its own right, to improve understanding and better align with the rest of the security classifications hierarchy. Whether it retains the same name is uncertain, and it is noted that ‘OFFICIAL’ is not an ideal (or clear) designation for such application.

OFFICIAL information currently refers to information that is not ‘classified’, but still requires a defined level of protection due to its sensitivity. Keep an eye on the PSPF website to track the transition.

The SOCI Act was naturally also a prevailing theme at the conference, with multiple speakers providing updates on its progress and associated matters. 

The evening networking session was lively and well-attended and we got the chance to meet and speak with a lot of attendees and industry professionals.

Overall, the conference was very successful and professionally facilitated. Credit goes to the Risk2Solutions team for another successful PSG Conference.

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