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Speaker: Julian Talbot
Recorded: 18 Jul `23

Risk assessments are one of the most important tools risk practitioners have in their arsenal to identify the risks their organisations are exposed to and establish the threat levels of various risk vectors.

However, conducting an effective risk assessment is a challenging undertaking as it requires a deep understanding of the risk surface of your organisation, the risk management process, and the availability of time and resources.

If you’re a risk management professional in government, cybersecurity, defence, education, mining, healthcare, or critical infrastructure, you need to be well-versed in the strategies that can help you conduct effective risk assessments quickly and efficiently—and this webinar will provide you with the insights to achieve this goal.

Webinar Q&A

Does SECTARA offer a monthly plan for micro-enterprises?

Yes. Our Solo Practitioner (Bronze) package allows access to 2 users, 10 concurrent assessments, and other features to help you get started. It is priced at $100 a month. You can start off with the 14-day free trial and upgrade to the Solo Practitioner package.

What will SECTARA 2.0 offer?

SECTARA 2.0 will offer additional features such as more detailed threat assessment capabilities, maturity models, auditing tools, and more. There will be no pricing changes to the plans, if you are already using a paid plan, these will simply be added on.

Where can I find the prompts and resources detailed in this webinar?

You can visit for a trove of risk assessment resources including ChatGPT prompts that you can use to save time when conducting risk assessments.