The PSG Conference 2023 organised by the Australian Security Research Center (ASRC) takes place at the QT Canberra from the 1st to the 2nd of November, 2023. SECTARA is proud to be front and centre as a Platinum Sponsor at this premier event.

This year’s PSG Conference is focused on the ‘changing face of security’ and we are excited to take this opportunity to present our experience in government risk management at the conference, especially with Julian Talbot, our CTO, delivering the keynote speech.

With the decades of experience we have in our hands in the field of security risk management, we are glad to be part of this discussion on the contemporary risk landscape for government bodies in Australia. 

If you’re engaged in government risk management, what SECTARA is planning to showcase at the PSG Conference will certainly be of interest to you.

What can you gain from SECTARA at the PSG Conference?

The risk landscape for Australian government bodies is in flux with the global economic and geopolitical conditions shifting. The PSG Conference dives into these issues in-depth, informed by security risk experts across the country.

Meet our CTO Julian Talbot and MD Konrad Buczynski in person, discuss the changing face of security with industry experts and learn how you can elevate your management of security risks with SECTARA’s PSPF-aligned solutions.

Learn how to leverage the power of a security risk management platform aligned with global best practices for risk management, including ISO 31000 and NIST to enhance your risk resilience.

Additionally, if you are a user registered for our free trial or a subscriber to any of SECTARA’s paid plans, Julian and Konrad will be more than happy to share their expert insights on how you can progress with SECTARA’s plans to improve your security risk management capabilities exponentially.

Learn how to leverage state-of-the-art solutions to elevate your risk management efforts to the new age with SECTARA at the PSG Conference 2023

SECTARA has a lot to offer at the PSG Conference. If you are interested in attending, you can also get discounted tickets by using the code “SECTARA@PSGSAVE25” to get 25% off tickets.

Click here to get tickets for the PSG Conference from the conference website.

Meet our risk management specialists in Canberra at the PSG Conference 2023.