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Speakers: Julian Talbot and Konrad Buczynski
Recorded: 28 Sept `23

All-hazards risk management is a necessary approach for critical infrastructure risk management in accordance with the SOCI Act and the new CIRMP Rules.

It aims to maintain an efficient and seamlessly functioning critical infrastructure system by establishing a comprehensive emergency preparedness framework that takes the full scope of emergencies/ disasters into account when formulating mitigating strategies.

If you’re a risk management practitioner in critical infrastructure for government, non-government, or private organisations, this webinar will impart valuable information on CI risk management.

Webinar Q&A

Can you register as a previous free plan user?

Yes, if you sign up for the free trial even today you will get 14 days to try SECTARA.

Can existing SECTARA users access the supporting documentation provided in the webinar?

Yes. During the webinar, we presented a CI Governance and Risk management Blueprint, a CIRMP Risk Assessment Workbook, and other supporting documents concerned with CI risk management for your convenience. Any existing user on a SECTARA paid plan can access these documents for free. Reach out to us, and we will get them to you.