Protect Duty Legislation

Our webinar on all-hazards risk management for critical infrastructure wrapped up on the 28th of September 2023.

The webinar was hosted by our CTO Julian Talbot and MD Konrad Buczynski. Here’s a quick glance at what we covered.

  • The role of the SOCI Act 2018 and CIRMP Rules in CI risk management
  • CIRMP and all-hazards risk management
  • Case study on all-hazards risk management
  • Future developments in CI risk management

View the webinar here

Webinar Q&A

Can you register as a previous free plan user?

Yes, if you sign up for the free trial even today you will get 14 days to try SECTARA at no cost.

Can existing SECTARA users access the supporting documentation provided in the webinar?

Yes. If you signed up before October 13th for a SECTARA paid plan, you too can access the resources we provided at the webinar for free. Reach out to us, and we will send them to you.

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