SECTARA enables the creation of advanced security risk assessments quickly and simply. In the process users can be compelled to follow a consistent method to assure quality, and detailed analytics used to illustrate results.

SECTARA also allows you to provide individual access to single or multiple assessments so that others (e.g. consultants) can complete them using your preferred methodology and system.

SECTARA is a cloud-based, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform, which is hosted within an Australian Government accredited environment (UNCLAS DLM). With a singular dedicated focus on the conduct and management of security risk assessments, SECTARA is the first to be designed to meet the needs of both corporate security managers AND security consultants who generate assessments for their clients.

Once an assessment is created for a particular scope it’s the last one you’ll ever need to do – simply maintain and update it. This is ideal for corporate managers, and reduces spend significantly on repeat assessments. If you’re a consultant, you can now offer the service of developing and maintaining your client’s assessments, providing a key justification for a retained relationship.

Productivity can also be significantly enhanced through saving to and drawing from growing data libraries, and through the ability to copy/paste/re-edit entire assessments within the system. This is ideal for multi-site security projects, where similarities warrant a degree of commonality between risk context, assets, threat sources and acts, risk controls and risks themselves.

And there is much, much more to like. The system was developed by leading practitioners who have worked in both corporate security and consulting environments, so anything that you are looking for is highly likely to be in the system already.

Sign up to a free trial today and see how SECTARA can help protect your organisation and its assets, and carry a large part of your security work load in the process.

Backed by a dream team of security
risk management experts

SECTARA is backed by an Expert Advisory Board of recognised senior experts who have been responsible for some of the most advanced security risk and resilience programs in the industry.

Julian Talbot

Julian is a global icon in security risk management techniques, practices and methods. Co-author of the leading industry reference text ‘Security Risk Management Body of Knowledge’, and currently drafting the ‘Risk Management Body of Knowledge’, Julian is a is successful entrepeneur and a highly regarded and very senior international expert in risk disciplines.

Jason Brown, FSYI, CSYP, ASM

Jason is the Chairman of the ISO Risk Management Technical Committee, of Australia’s Standards Committee – Security and Resilience, and National Security Director for Thales in Australia and NZ. He has previously served Commonwealth Government in several key Assistant Secretary roles and is Chairman of the Board of Security Professionals Australasia.

Geoffrey D. Askew AM

Geoff Askew was the senior executive responsible for Security and Emergency Management for the Qantas Group of companies for 15 years. Geoff initiated several major restructures of the Group’s security, risk management and business resilience program and is a very highly regarded security risk management and resilience figure within global aviation security risk management.

Konrad Buczynski, CPRM, CCTP

A Certified Practising Risk Manager, Certified Counter-Terrorism Practitioner, member of numerous security working groups and technical committees and designer and author of innumerable security risk management programs, frameworks and assessments, Konrad was a key architect of SECTARA and is the Managing Director of Industry Risk, which is SECTARA’s parent company.

SECTARA was developed by Australia's leading light in Security Risk and Resilience, Industry Risk

Industry Risk delivers consulting services to protect people and other assets. Our mission is to be acknowledged as the premier supplier of security risk and resilience services in our industry, for the benefit of our clients, and to credibly raise security and business resilience standards in the process. SECTARA is key to this objective.

If you are looking for security risk management consulting and/or training services consider combing the market leading capabilities of SECTARA with the security risk and resilience expertise of Industry Risk. Visit the Industry Risk website to find out more, and see below for client testimonials.

The work was very successful and completed to our satisfaction from an expertise, content, finance and communications perspective...I would highly recommend them.

Dave Crossley, Head of Security, Emergency Planning & ResponseSydney Opera House

The work of Industry Risk has always been of a high standard, demonstrating a thorough understanding by their project team of the application of risk management.

Richard Holgate, DirectorDDW Consulting

Konrad demonstrated a detailed understanding of security and crisis management and I was extremely happy with his ability to integrate into the Bank environment quickly.

Tomy Major, Group Manager Crisis and Security ManagementCommonwealth Bank

I would rate their practical knowledge in security risk management as market leading, and I have no hesitation in recommending Industry Risk for security and professional skills.

Todd Green, DirectorOdyssey Consulting

Global were very impressed with the attention to detail and quality of the work produced and have sought their services for additional projects throughout the Region.

Harry HarringtonGlobal Strategies Group