Release Log

This log displays upcoming SECTARA updates that are scheduled for the next release. Keep an eye out for our change log, feedback and road map page, which is coming soon.

2.2.3 (16 Apr 21): Fixes & Improvements

  • Deprecation of field level encryption due to unworkable delays in decrypting long assessments. All account data will remain encrypted within the system and when in transit, and this is expected to result in significantly faster page load speeds. This will be coupled with relevant changes to our Privacy Policy and additional limitations being placed on System Administrator accounts, such that your Sensitive Data remains inaccessible to those accounts/from the back end – to be implemented.
  • Within Risk Register, values for Current and Residual Risk ratings to be highlighted within the popup, if a rating has previously been selected. This will make it easier to see which X and Y axis values have previously been applied in the risk matrix – to be implemented.
  • Improved column sorting within all stages of assessments (including Risk Register). This includes the ability to sort Threat Acts within Threat Actor categories, and individual Controls within Control Categories (by name and ratings) – to be implemented.
  • Minor improvements to bulk change functionality – to be implemented.
  • Minor bug fixes – to be implemented.