Release Log

2.0.16 (30 Jul 20): Fixes & Improvements

  • Reordering rows within Risk Control Effectiveness criteria in an assessment sometimes causes issues. Fixed.
  • Changing the organisation that a Threat Actor applies to causes the system to create multiple entries. Fixed.
  • Page formatting can be affected after entering long names for controls (within the Vulnerability Stage of an assessment. Fixed.
  • Copying an assessment sometimes causes the threat table to become unformatted. Fixed.
  • Consistency is lacking in processes for saving and editing different records. Fixed.
  • Labelling records in Criteria Library. Fixed.
  • Labelling and management of ‘Account-wide’ criteria within Criteria Library. Fixed.

2.0.17 (30 Jul 20): Fixes & Improvements

  • Default criteria for each account has now been locked so that it continues to be applied to all organisations across each account and cannot be deleted. Two sets of threat criteria did not update correctly. Fixed.