Recent and Upcoming Release Log

This log displays the most recent update(s) to SECTARA and others that are scheduled for the next release.

2.2.0 (11 Feb 21): Fixes & Improvements

  • Controls Assessment – comments field now allows paragraphs/line breaks when saved. Implemented.
  • Changes to Assessor and Viewer roles (will no longer see org/BU or other user details). Implemented.
  • Buttons at top right of each assessment now consolidated under a single “Actions” button (except Change Criteria). Implemented.
  • User Menu centre aligned. Implemented.
  • Vulnerability Assessment changes to Controls Assessment throughout the system and exported report – it is a label change only to better reflect system logic (no functionality changes). Implemented.
  • User interface improvements – mainly relating to consistent page header rows. Implemented.
  • Asset Category values within Asset Assessment to be centre aligned. Implemented.
  • Minimisation of icons across site. To access row functions users will now click the three dots at right of cells/rows (keep an early eye out for anything that appears when hovering over a row – sometimes specific to cells within rows). Implemented.