The Support page is a repository of information to help guide you in getting the most out of SECTARA, and to discuss security risk assessment/management principles as they relate to SECTARA more broadly.

At the bottom right of the Support page you will find a chat function for speaking with a SECTARA administrator, when they are online. Note that this is not a fulltime helpdesk – it’s purely designed to give our users the opportunitity to chat when we can, and we endeavour to be online routinely. If we’re not online and type a message in the chat box it will be emailed to us – if you seek a response please register your email address in the process so that we can get back to you.

The significant bulk of ‘how to’ is provided within the app itself, in the form of video instructions. If you think of ways that we could improve the page please feel free to chat when we’re onlineĀ  or send us a message/email via our Contact Us page.

We very much look forward to helping with your security risk management endeavours.

All the best from the SECTARA Team.


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